OHKOs Dmax AV Thundurus?! A Physical Regieleki Team Report

Hey guys, this is 20LiangLiang (Trainer Name: ?????). I also came up with the Special Zekrom team, which was too featured on CybertronVGC’s Youtube channel, check that out :)

For this team report, I would like to introduce another team that features a Physical Regieleki, which brought me to rank 26 on the in-game ladder.

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Regieleki has been very popular since the release of The Crown of Tundra DLC. Although Regieleki lacks a diverse move pool and non-electric damage output, its dominating speed and decent electric type damage output brought it to one of the most popular Pokemon.

The main usage of Regieleki is pretty standard these days: Eletroweb and Thunder Wave for speed control. Occasionally you could see people dynamax Regieleki with Hyperbeam and Life Orb.

However, I found out that Regieleki has Bounce and Assurance. I knew this is definitely something worth trying, as Regieleki’s physical attack is equivalent to its special attack, and it is among the highest speed who can run Max Airstream. The idea failed in Series 7 due to the lack of decent damage output even though Regieleki did a good job in speed control.

In Series 8, I noticed that both Calyrex-Shadow and Kyogre can deal great special damage with the help of Max Darkness. Hence I chose Calyrex-Shadow. I believe we can do something similar with Kyogre.

Now that we have Regieleki and Calyrex-Shadow, let’s continue.

First, we need someone to deal with priority moves, mainly Prankster, Grassy Glide and Sucker Punch. I chose Indeedee-F to set up Psychic Terrain. Psychic Terrain also boosts Calyrex’s Expanding Force.

As we are using a high speed hyper offensive team, we don’t want our opponent to outspeed us with tailwind. For the 4th slot I added Whimsicott. Whimsicott can setup tailwind alongside Helping Hand to avoid Fake Out, it also checks Urshifu. Whimsicott can also taunt Trick Room users without worrying about Amoonguss, NICE!

These 4 Pokemon are pretty much standard for high-speed hyper offensive sets, but they are not the best when dealing with specific situations. We need more backup.

Firstly, I brought Rapid-Strike Urshifu to check Incineroar, Landorus, Umbreon and Porygon2. These are usually treated as counters to both Eleki and Calyrex-Shadow.

Finally, I brought Cinderace-Gmax as a second Dynamax core. Cinderace also ran Max Airstream fairly well, and checks Groudon and Mimikyu. Alright that’s it for a tailwind hyper offensive team :)

The Team:

Regieleki @ Life Orb
Ability: Transistor
Level: 50
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 140 Def / 36 SpD / 76 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Extreme Speed
- Wild Charge
- Bounce
- Assurance

The Dynamax Core of the team, the highest-speed Max Airstream user. Eleki goes great with Calyrex-Shadow and Rapid-strike Urshifu. If the opponent doesn’t have a good electric resistance, Max Lightning can deal tons of damage.

For the EVs, Eleki’s physical attack stat is mediocre, so we need Max Atk Evs. 140 Def made Eleki survive Precipice Blades, Earthquake, or non-STAB non-Life Orb Max Quake after Dynamax. The in-game Spe stat is 253, which outspeeds Charizard/Zapdos and Modest Eleki after Max Airstream. The rest goes to SpD and HP.

For move-set, Wild Charge is a good STAB move. I also kept Bounce for Max Airstream and Assurance for Max Darkness. The last move was Extreme Speed, which checks 1 HP Sucker Punch Urshifu and Eject Button Whimsicott. Extreme Speed is so unique and hard to be replaced.

Calyrex-Shadow @ Choice Specs
Ability: As One (Spectrier)
Level: 50
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Astral Barrage
- Expanding Force
- Leaf Storm
- Mud Shot

Now, do you feel that Astral Barrage is a bit hard to OHKO? Do you find a lot of team reports invest EVs in SpD so as to survive Helping Hand Life Ord Astral Barrage?

Here comes Choice Specs Calyrex-Shadow. With Max Darkness or Helping Hand, Calyrex-Shadow can easily KO non-resisting opponents. For example, if we lead Calyrex-Shadow and Eleki, and our opponent leads Lapras and Amoogus with Incineroar and Zacian at the back, we can KO their whole team simply with Max Darkness and Astral Barrage (Other than Incineroar). With Choice Specs, Helping Hand + Astra Barrage can OHKO Zacian with no bulk investments, and has 50% chance to OHKO 252HP Zacian. Most Pokemon are not likely to survive without resistance or Assault Vest.

Expanding Force does higher damage output than Astral Barrage under Psychic Terrain, assuming there’s no resistances. We rarely use the other 2 moves. Leaf Storm hits hard on Kyogre, Groudon and Tyranitar. Mud Shot can be converted to Max Quake for a SpD boost.

Always keep in mind of the side-effect of Choice Specs. For example, if the opponent might have Porygon2 in the back, use Astral Barrage with caution.

Indeedee-F (F) @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Psychic Surge
Level: 50
EVs: 236 HP / 244 Def / 28 SpD
Relaxed Nature
IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spe
- Expanding Force
- Follow Me
- Helping Hand
- Mystical Fire

We don’t have much to say about Indeedee, as the moves and EVs are standard move-sets and Evs. Most of the time Indeedee uses Follow Me or Helping Hand. I didn’t choose Protect as we rarely use it. It would be better to have Mystical Fire to break Urshifu’s sash or lowering Reshiram/Dialga’s SpA.

Speed has almost no use here, as its teammates will do all the damage output. I go for 0 speed to setup Psychic Terrain in case our opponent leads with Rillaboom.

Whimsicott @ Focus Sash
Ability: Prankster
Level: 50
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Moonblast
- Tailwind
- Helping Hand
- Taunt

Pretty standard set. Probably can run Encore to counter Trick Room. But I kept Taunt to deal with Amoonguss.

Urshifu-Rapid-Strike-Gmax @ Choice Band
Ability: Unseen Fist
Level: 50
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Close Combat
- Aqua Jet
- U-turn
- Surging Strikes

Rapid-strike Urshifu is here to save the day, again :)

Moves are pretty standard, let’s talk about why I chose Adamant Nature.

This team really doesn’t like not being able to OHKO opponents. This is mainly used against Porygon2 and Landorus-Therian.

For Porygon2, Close Combat has 50% chance of OHKO Max Def Porygon2. In reality most Porygon2 also invest in SpD. At most times our opponent leads with Porygon2 and Incineroar/Grimmsnarl, we need to make sure we pick up a KO with Indeedee’s Helping Hand under Intimidate/Reflect.

Surging Strikes has 62.5% chance OHKO Max HP Dynamaxed Landorus-Therian. In most cases Landorus doesn’t invest this much bulk.

There are some other cases. For example, Surging Strikes has 45% chance to OHKO Sash Urshifu; Helping Hand + Surging Strikes has decent chance of OHKO Zacian after Substitute. For the relatively low speed, we have Eleki and Tailwind (sometimes we Dynamax Eleki for the Max Airstream even if our opponent has Landorus).

Cinderace-Gmax @ White Herb
Ability: Libero
Level: 50
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Iron Head
- High Jump Kick
- Bounce
- Pyro Ball

We don’t bring Cinderace a lot, but it is still useful in some cases due to its good coverage and Max Airstream.

Firstly, Cinderace is pretty comfortable when facing Dynamax Groudon, as Groudon has to predict our moves due to Liberto. We can use Max Steelspike to boost Def or go for Pyro Ball under harsh sunlight. Cinderace can also check Grimmsnarl and Umbreon: Groudon’s common teammates.

Secondly, Cinderace is also good for checking Mimikyu. Using White Herb to counter Intimidate, and Helping Hand + Gmax Fireball to OHKO Mimikyu.

Usually, if you think that Regieleki is not a good Dynamax choice, then Cinderace is there for you.

Leads and Match-ups:

Here I list some common match-ups. Overall, we need to think about the relative positioning for sweepers and supports, use Calyrex-Shadow to sweep opponent’s whole team (e.g., both of the opponent’s Pokemon are outsped by Calyrex, and are in KO range of Astral Barrage). Usually, our opponents will lead with Dark type Pokemon as much as possible, so it is not hard to predict their leads.

Against: Urshifu + Porygon2 + Kyoger + Tornadus

Lead: Whimsicott + Regieleki, back: Calyrex-Shadow + Indeedee

Taunt Porygon2, and break Urshifu’s sash with Max Lighting. In turn 2 Helping Hand + Max Lighting will OHKO Porygon2, and Regieleki will survive a Sucker Punch. In turn 3 we switch out Indeedee to avoid potential Sucker Punch and Regieleki uses another Dynamax move. Finally, we have Indeedee + Calyrex-Shadow to sweep our opponent’s team.

Against: Zacian + Regieleki + Landorus + Urshifu

Lead: Whimsicott + Urshifu, back: Calyrex-Shadow + Cinderace

Tailwind and Surging Strikes against Regieleki. Urshifu will survive Zacian anyway. Then the opponent will send out Urshifu. We can Helping Hand + Surging Strikes to kill either Zacian or Urshifu. Finally, we have Dynamax Cinderace against Landorus. We have Max Steelspike to boost Def, and the Landorus probably won’t go for Max Quake considering our potential of running Max Airstream.

Against: Kingdra + Zacian + Politoed + Landorus

Lead: Whimsicott + Regieleki, back: Calyrex-Shadow + Urshifu

Tailwind + Max Lightning against Kingdra. Regieleki might be OKHO by Max Geyser in rain, but we then have Whimsicott + Calyrex against half HP Kingdra + Politoed, so we can sweep the whole team. An experienced opponent might switch in Landorus against Eleki, we need to find a way to switch in Urshifu after a Max Strike lowering opponents’ speed. Kingdra without Dynamax can never beat Calyrex.

Against: Whimsicott + Calyrex-Shadow + Thundurus + Tapu Lele

Lead: Whimsicott + Regieleki, back: Indeedee + Calyrex-Shadow

Very hard matchup, as the opponent’s Calyrex has Focus Sash and might have Trick Room. Usually, I will go for Max Lightning + Moonblast against Calyrex to avoid potential Trick Room. Then use Tailwind assuming the opponent don’t have Taunt. Always remember we can use Helping Hand + Max Lightning to OHKO Thundurus.

Against: Incineroar + Lapras + Zacian + Amoogus

Lead: Indeedee + Urshifu, back: Calyrex + Regieleki

Surging Strikes + Expanding Force can kill either Incinerorar or Amooguss if switched in. Then continue using Surging Strikes the slot next to Lapras under Indeedee’s Follow Me support. Send out Regieleki after Indeedee finishes her job. Switch out Urshifu as Surging Strikes won’t be able to hurt Lapras. Finally Calyrex should be able to do rest of the job.

Against: Weezing + Regigigas + Zacian + Any

Lead: Urshifu + Regieleki, back: Indeedee + Calyrex-Shadow

Max Strike + Close Combat will KO Dynamax Regigigas. The rest of the game is easy.

Against: Mimikyu + Incineroar + Tapu Fini + Calyrex-Ice

Lead: Indeedee + Cinderace, back: Calyrex-Shadow + Urshifu

A hard matchup. We can only win if we can stop Trick Room from setting up. Usually I will go for Helping Hand + Gmax Fireball against Mimikyu, but our opponent can also switch Mimikyu with Tapu Fini, and Parting Shot to bring in Mimikyu again, in which case Follow Me + Max Knuckle onto Incineroar is also not too bad. Another way is to lead Indeedee + Urshifu and Helping Hand + Surging Strikes onto Mimikyu. But the opponent can always switch in Fini.

Against: Umbreon + Grimmsnarl + Groudon + Charizard

Lead: Indeedee + Cinderace, back: Calyrex-Shadow + Whimsicott

In fear of Indeedee + Calyrex lead, the opponent won’t lead with Groudon + Charizard if Groudon is not choice scarfed, so we lead with Cinderace. Cinderace High Jump Kick onto Umbreon, Indeedee protect Cinderace from potential Yawn by using Follow Me. Stall out the opponent’s Dynamax, then we Gigantamax Cinderace. We need Cinderace to lower opponent’s HP under Astral Barrage’s KO range.

Against: Yveltal + Raichu + Rillaboom + Any

Lead: Indeedee + Regieleki, back: Urshifu + Calyrex-Shadow/Cinderace

A hard match-up, as Regieleki is required to do everything. Max Strike into Raichu, Indeedee can probably switch out in case the opponent tries to switch in Rillaboom for a Grassy Terrain/Sucker Punch. Raichu might switch out after breaking Sash, so we could read that and use Max Lightning to OHKO Yveltal.

Against: Dialga + Grimmsnarl + Tapu Fini + Landuros-Therian

Lead: Indeedee + Urshifu, back: Calyrex-Shadow + Cinderace

If we managed to get Clost Combat to hit Dialga, it would enter Astral Barrage’s KO range even if Dynamaxed. The opponent may also switch in Landorus, so we can consider using U-turn and switch in Cindarace and Dynamax. Grimmsnarl won’t do much under Psychic Terrain.


I have also tried using Kyogre instead of Calyrex-Shadow on Showdown, and it was pretty usable. You may consider using that. I hope that physical Eleki will see more use in the near future :)

Time to play some Monster Hunter now, bye~~

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20LiangLiang (20亮亮) — — — @tsltang0508


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